Saturday, November 6, 2010

Out A Huntin'

Cade Powers~Todd Powers (2008)

My huntin' men are out today
Tracking elk and deer
In the mountains over that a'way
Please don't get lost,that is my fear.

Bring home the meat for Sundays meal
I'll cook it up so tender
And one more thing, this is the deal
No bending of the fender.

If you should see a bunny sweet
Please let him live another day
And kick the mud off from your feet
Before inward bound to stay.

If no prize is to be found this trip
It will wait until another time
Just come on home and watch a clip
Of hunting stories that are prime.

I love you all and miss you, too
I cannot wait until you're home
My hunting men, so proud & true
Please return, I'm so alone.

Written by: Tina Thompson Powers
November 6, 2010


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Hey there Tina, thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. Love a new follower, I am now following you. Teresa

Tina said...

Thanks Teresa. I love your blog, it's so fun. Thanks for stopping by.