Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Child's Heart

A child's heart is meek & humble
A child's perfect in God's eye
A child's fears can make them stumble
They have a thousands questions why.

A teen longs to be accepted
to feel loved and be an individual
Sometimes off is their perception
They hunger for the thrill.

A young adult is oh-so eager
Not a child, not yet grown up
Sometimes strong, at times meager
But ready to partake the cup.

The man's become a gentle friend
A man of God with contrite heart
Longing to come home again
His legacy becomes his art.

Our Heavenly King upon his throne
What we seek to be someday
With longing hearts, we are reborn
Into a King, we humbly pray.

From babe I'm holding in my arms
Into the man I know you'll be
You'll learn and grow and share your charms
With those whose yearning hearts believe.

Written by: Tina Thompson Powers 11/10/2010


eof777 said...

Stopping by, following and commenting back from your visit... Thank you!
I've been away for a while... Have a great week ahead!

V@WhimsyLamb said...

lovely,thank you for sharing:)